Giving Good Feedback

Help your designer help you by giving good feedback

  • Be specific

    – If you don’t like the colors the designer presented, name some colors you’d like to see.
    – If you like a certain font, but don’t know the name of it, send it to your designer who should know or try a font identification website such as What The Font.

  • Don’t use generic adjectives when communicating what you want.

    – Words like creative & phrases like “Make it pop” all have different connotations to different people and will probably lead to more confusion.  Instead, try to focus on what you do or don’t like and communicate that.
    – After I’ve spoken with clients, I use a simple google form to help them communicate their ideas and style


    Design Style Survey – Click to Enlarge

  • Find examples of things you like

    – Do an image search and send your designer a few things you like if you’re having trouble communicating changes or wants.  Note that your designer should never copy another design completely.

  • Look at the design draft and begin making a list of what you’d like changed

    – Make sure you cover everything in one message or email.  This insures the designer will get back to you with your changes in a timely manner.  If the design is two sided, separate the feedback for back and front.- Try using bullet points or a list of changes instead of writing out the changes paragraph style.


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