Why do I need a designer?

I know photoshop.  Why do I need to hire a graphic designer?

  1. Good designers have relevant experience that will make your branding look professional.
  2. A good designer will be able to work in the correct programs to make sure you have the types of files you need.
  3. Having a designer do it right the first time means you will save money in the long run. A complete set of the files you need in the correct formats means you will save time and money later should you need to make any changes.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a new client hire me to fix something their last designer did wrong.  Some common mistakes are saving a logo in a raster instead of vector format.  It’s extremely important to have an editable vector file of your logo so that you can make changes and increase the size without losing quality.

When you do it yourself or hire someone who is not a professional, you run the risk of having to spend the same amount of money again to have it done right.

See my next post on How to Hire a Designer for more information.

Giving Good Feedback

Help your designer help you by giving good feedback

  • Be specific

    – If you don’t like the colors the designer presented, name some colors you’d like to see.
    – If you like a certain font, but don’t know the name of it, send it to your designer who should know or try a font identification website such as What The Font.

  • Don’t use generic adjectives when communicating what you want.

    – Words like creative & phrases like “Make it pop” all have different connotations to different people and will probably lead to more confusion.  Instead, try to focus on what you do or don’t like and communicate that.
    – After I’ve spoken with clients, I use a simple google form to help them communicate their ideas and style


    Design Style Survey – Click to Enlarge

  • Find examples of things you like

    – Do an image search and send your designer a few things you like if you’re having trouble communicating changes or wants.  Note that your designer should never copy another design completely.

  • Look at the design draft and begin making a list of what you’d like changed

    – Make sure you cover everything in one message or email.  This insures the designer will get back to you with your changes in a timely manner.  If the design is two sided, separate the feedback for back and front.- Try using bullet points or a list of changes instead of writing out the changes paragraph style.

How it works: Logo, business cards, web design & branding

A good designer will start by asking you questions about your business & preferences.

  1. Who is your target market (age, demographics, etc)?
  2. What colors would you like to incorporate in your branding scheme?
  3. What sort of fonts do you like?
  4. What sort of marketing are you looking to do (business cards, flyers, website)?
  5. Do you have an idea of what you’d like your logo and branding to look like or do you want a few options?
  6. What styles of logos or other designs do you like?

After you and your designer talk about these things, they will send you an initial design.

Your designer will adjust the design based on your feedback.  (How to Give Good Feedback to a Designer).

After you are happy with the initial design you requested, your designer will base further designs and marketing off of this and hopefully help you come up with a branding package you’ll love.